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Find the best places in the city for food, activities and relaxation

Find the best places in the city for food, activities and relaxation

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Our moderators were hand picked by the founder to provide the best moderation that guide you through mindful and thought provoking conversations. Instructors that teach practical principles for your business and personal transformation And superstar Coaches to ensure your peak performance.

Branding & Spiritual Coach

Talent Solution Executive

April Weeden

Hollywood Stunt Woman

Mental Health Advocate

Branding & Spiritual Coach

Dedef Kay

Branding Expert

Creative Director

Lucress Irizarry

Relationship Expert

Peak Performance Coach

Patricia Freudenberg

Amazon Influencer Expert

King Tito Irizarry

Film Director & Producer


AI Developer

Melikia Courtney

Executive Administrator

Sara Deej Letderman

Creative Director

Christopher Singleton,

Web Technologist

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